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"Any fact is better established by two or three good testimonies

than by a thousand arguments."

Marie Dressler, an Actress


Personal coaching with Nelia has helped me more than any self-help book.

Coaching sessions with her really opened my eyes and made me confront some of the more uncomfortable issues to deal with, and this has been of enormous benefit.

NA, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Nelia has made a positive difference to my work life, causing me to review my outlook.

Her coaching has affirmed my abilities, giving me greater confidence in my management role.

As a direct result of these sessions, I’ve been able to initiate a successful creativity course, which will lead to a substantial exhibition.

RB, Manager of Faith-based Organisation, City of Westminster

Nelia helped me identify issues that are important for me at the moment.

Her coaching enabled me to structure my thoughts around my priorities and take appropriate action.

PR, Business Owner

Nelia helped me explore what was holding me back at work, and ways in which I could help shape my progression in the new role.

She also helped me identify aspects of my lifestyle that didn’t support my happiness, and to think about how to change them.

CM, Civil Service

Nelia enabled me to really focus on what I wanted to achieve by the end of the session - something I thought was realistic and valuable.

I liked the way she challenged me, maintaining a strong rapport throughout.

The session was a great starting place for me to explore my identity and the future of my potential business...it made me feel positive and confident!

KC, Kings College London

During the coaching session Nelia demonstrated her professional and personal qualities - knowledge of different techniques and methods, patience, attentiveness, and understanding, helping me view the situation from a different perspective, and identify a route forward.

OB, Specialist at the Department of Education

Nelia’s energising personality and her genuine interest gave me great confidence in her ability to guide coaching sessions with my interest at heart.

Her approach feels very holistic - this quality enabled me to feel supported and challenged on multiple levels.

Not only has that, Nelia’s optimism, her sense of humour, wonderful personality and dedication to coaching has been a gift at an important time for me.

I am extremely grateful to her for her inspiration, wisdom, patience and encouragement.

JK, Artist

Nelia has restored my faith in myself and has made me realise I don’t have to settle for second best.

Her positive approach has revealed my true me to myself.

She gave me the time I needed. I highly recommend her.

LG, Writer

My main goal was to organise myself, so I could spend more quality time with my family.

Nelia’s professional approach, non-judgmental feedback and being such a good listener were all factors in helping me on my personal journey.

SS, Housewife