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Leadership / Executive Coaching

“The best leaders are those who keep learning even at the top of their career.

Challenge your assumptions and beliefs;

think creatively about issues you face.”

Economist, June 2010


One-to-One Coaching for Executives, Officers, Leaders, Business Owners and Senior Management.

Emotional Intelligence can transform an average leader into an outstanding one.

It can deepen your understanding of your customers’ needs, improve relationships with employees and clients, and help you develop creative solutions to business and personal challenges.

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“Successful change management requires a wide range of skills. Change exacerbates conflict and how the leader responds to it determines how well followers can risk and adapt.”

Joanna Murray, Ki ThoughtBridge

Companies and communities need flexible leaders who can adapt quickly to a constantly changing business world.

We offer one-to-one coaching that supports leaders through organisational change and changing management roles, whether they are progressing to a new leadership position or to a new location, we help them deal effectively with the challenges they encounter.

We work with them, enhancing their Emotional Intelligence, to realise their potential and become the motivating, inspiring leaders they want to be, who can fully engage people and negotiate their way through major transitions quickly and confidently.

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